I need your help.. how to download from RapidShare

(mbk) #1

[LEFT]Dear All
I have a premuim account at Rapid Share but am really missing how to DOWNLOAD any of the links you guys post here.

When i click on the link for any of the books… lets say the Electrical Network Protection book it opens Rapid share web page with the link in green… but un-clickable.
I used download manager and it gave me error when trying to extract the file as the size seems small as well.

If you could help me I will highly appreciate it…

Thanks in advance.


(م/ كريم) #2


الرابط فيه الكتاب والحلول :slight_smile:

(mohannd) #3

بص يا حوده ادخل فى الانترنت دونلود منجر على الخيارات او الاوبشنس ثم انواع الملفات او فيل طيب زمن ثم احذف امتداد html وسوف يتم التنزيل باذن الله مباشرة