Introduction to Project Management By Nexus Academy

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Introduction to Project Management

By Nexus Academy

If you wants to learn the knowledge of project management Nexus Academy announces Introduction to Project Management course, The topics covered in the
project life cycle and product, Including the initiation, planning, implementation and follow-up and monitoring until completion.
Learning Objectives
By the end of this class, attendees should:
1. Familiarity with a range of project management
2. Understanding of the project life cycle and stages
3. Identify areas of knowledge for project management
4. Learn how to start a project
5. Knowledge of the purpose of the project plan and content
6. The ability to identify requirements and needs of the project
7. The ability to configure the WBS
8. Knowledge of procurement planning and acquisitions, planning
9. Knowing how to select vendors

10. The ability to define different types of resources and how to classify them
11. Knowledge of how to get the project team and the knowledge of their availability,
12. Ability to estimate the resources and the cost and duration of each activity and reserves
13. The ability to distinguish between the activities of quality control and quality assurance
14. The ability to identify and analyze risks and prepare a plan of response

Duration: 6 Days
Start date: 5/5/2012
Place: Cairo, Down Town
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