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(ebenalwatan) #1

Aslamo aleekom brothers,
I have visited this web many times as a visitor not member, so I really like to be member in this inteligent groups.
As a result of positive subjects that I have found in this website, I hope I can get benifits from.
Any way, I’m not good at engineering; however, I’m good at searching for any topic that is needed by my brothers here such as movies, programes, softwares, e-books, etc… using the internet. Therefore, any one needs any help just ask; then, I will do my best.
Finally, I’m here to learn and to serve all who using this website both visitores and members.


(hendokasha) #2

اهلا بيك معنا في المنتدي
جزاك الله خيرا علي تقديم المساعده

(ebenalwatan) #3

Shokrn brother "hendokasha"
le alraad alateef

(Baraaa) #4

يا هلا فيك اخي الكريم
واحنا اسعد والله بانضمامك لينا والتحاقك بأسرة منتدى المهندس
وان شاء الله تستفيد وتفيد
نتمنى لك قضاء وقت ممتع
في انتظار مشاركاتك