Oracle Developer Path

(heba) #1

Oracle has many Development Tools: Forms, Reports, Java Developer, BI Developer, DW Developer, Portal Developer, Web Developer.

You can see all learning paths here:

I guess u r looking for Oracle Forms Developer. As a Forms Developer (either 9i or 10g), u need three courses:
OCA Level:
Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL
Oracle Database: Program with PL/SQL
OCP Level:
Oracle Forms Developer: Build Internet Applications

You can see the content of each course in the links provided which are based on Oracle 10g release. You can get the 9i release courses from the first link.

So, for self-studying, you have to:
1- Get Oracle Database 9i or 10g from Oracle Technology Network (OTN)( ). Oracle allows developers to download their software for educational and personal use. Registeration required.
2- Get some book(s) about Oracle SQL and go in it throughly.
3- Get some book(s) about Oracle PL/SQL (analogy of T-SQL in SQL Server) and finish it.
4- Now u can go for the Developer Suite, so download it from OTN.
5- Get some book(s) about Oracle Forms and go eating it :slight_smile:

(amr_cutie) #2

الف شكر يا باشمهندسه هبه