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اولا السلام عليكم و رحمت الله و بركاته

a nozzle is a device for increasing the velocity of a steadily flowing fluid. at the inlet to a certain nozzle the specific enthalpy of the fluid is 3025 kj/kg and the velocity is 60 m/s. at the exit from the nozzle the specific enthalpy is 2790 kj/kg. the nozzle is horizontal and there is a negligible heat loss from it.
I) the velocity of the fluid at the exit ;
II) the rate of flow of fluid when the inlet area is 0.1 m^2 and the specific volume at inlet is 0.19 m^3/kg ;
III) the exit area of the nozzle when the specific volume at the nozzle exit is 0.5m^3/kg.

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انا اريد الكتاب ضرورى وشكرا لك

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هااااااااااى عاوز كتاب thermodynamic