Question in primavera 5

(E.Mohamed Hendy) #1

Dear Engineers
I have been trying to istall primavera 5 but i have a problem
when i ifnish istallation, the program asks for Database
and when i follow the instruction, the program answers me, The database can not find
Plz, any one can help me in database
Best regards

(keromagdy) #2

Yes I have the same problem i need help too thanks

(SavaMad) #3

dear eng
step 1
select stand-alone option
step 2
press next till you reach a window asking you to enter license file
click browse and select the licence.txt file that came with program
step 3
in Database configuration click next till u reach “enter public login
information” window then remove username and password or u
can change them (as u wish) and click next
step 4
after restarting ur PC and opening the Project Management he will
open the window “login to Primavera” click on the dots “…” under database bar
step 5
click configure
step 6
click BACK twice
step 7
select administration tasks then click next
step 8
click change application users password then next
step 9
select Project manager database then next
step 10
leave username and password cleat then next
step 11
in application username select admin and leave username clear
then next
step 12
click finish

(E.Mohamed Hendy) #4


Dear Savaman
thank yopu alot
i have done but the problem the data base,
pc coud not defind it
thx alot\best wishes
M. Hendy

(ehabsibaey) #5

thank you very much