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[LEFT][SIZE=“4”]Sama CAD is one of the engineering offices specialized in the design of the machines and preparing executive Drawings (Working Drawing & Assembly Drawing) 2D&3D according to international specifications. In addition to the preparation of engineering catalogs and making simulation of the various programs with the latest cad software like: (Autodesk Inventor, Solid Works, NX, AutoCAD, Solid Edges…), by a group of engineers with practical experience, scientific and professional in this area.

The most preferred of our work is the adaption of a lot of software to our service
such as Matlab, Visual Basic and Finite Element Methods), In addition to the exploitation of modern sciences like (Optimization, Genetic Algorithm)

:We have participated in many industrial projects in several areas, including

  1. Medical equipment
    (Operating Table, Mayo table, Client bandana and Crush card)
  2. Petroleum
    (Feed Tank, Skid Machine, Real Machine, Mixer, Turbo Mixer,… )
  3. Production
    (Extruder, Recycle Machine, Electrochemical machine (Ecm),
    Electrochemical machine (Ecm), Automatic Cutter Machine, … )
  4. Engineering Industries for Casting
    (Gate valves, Safety Pressure Valves, Air Valves, Foot Valves, Non Return Valves….)
  5. Printing Machines
    (Screen Printing machine, stitching machine, …)
  6. Other Industries
    (Centrifugal pumps, Packing Machine for bars and rods, ….)[/left][/size]

:For Contact
Tel: 01069676710
Tel: 01000087371

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