Wirelesslan on laptop

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انا مش عارفه اعرف wirelesslan علي laptop
عملت تعريف الكارت عادي وبعدين حاولت اشغله معرفتش
ياريت لو حد عنده فكره ازاي اشغل الشبكه عن طريق wireless ؟

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Wa Alikum el salam ,
You want to make WLAN Network, Betweem 2 Laptops Or more?
If just 2 , You can make something called AD-HOC
If More than 2 , Then You need a Wireless access point(ROUTER).
Its a small piece of device , which connect multiple wireless devices together to make wireless lan network.
And if you wana connect the WLAN to Internet , u need to get DSL WIRELESS Router
So let me know which 1 is in your mind , to give you more details about how to build it up. But they are so simple , and you can simply search by these Keywords , Ad-Hoc , WLAN , ROUTER on any search website , and will get all the information you might need , and i am also here for help , if u needed any further help.
My regards.
Best Of luck

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جزاكم الله خيرا
بس انا اقصد اني جهازي فيه وصله wireless وعايزه اشغل النت عن طريقه

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Ok…i got it …
You are in egypt sa7?
first call 1 of these 2 companies 1-Te-Data Or 2-Eg-Net and apply for DSL
after 2 weeks they gona bring u dsl at home , with wireless router , u can rent it for 30 pounds… anywayz
now u got internet at home , reaching to ur router.
Your Router will now work as dad who supply his family with food .
so each laptop at home is son , so each son take part of the dad bandwidth.
how u can do that??
Goto Start -> Connect to -->Show all connection -->\ new window will open --> click on create new connection --> it will tell u to connect to wlan click here --> after u click it will show u the router in ur area --> click on urs and it will give u IP automatically , and u will be connected to internet.
BUT before u do all that , u must call a company and subscribe for DSL , and rent ROUTER , and make them configure it…
If any 1 in ur area got Wirelss DSL , when u search for WLAN in area , if u found any 1 without password protection , connect to it , and u might get lucky . :slight_smile: !!!
best of luck
Let me know if u needed any further help.
My regards.

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جزاكم الله خيرا