Buckling of Composite Laminated Plates Introduction and Literature Review

(osama mohammed elmardi suleiman khayal) #1

This book was originally prepared in 2012 and updated recently in 2015. The
objective of the present book is to present a complete and up – to – date coverage of
composite laminates properties and literature reviews through the usage of a wide
spectrum of old and recent bibliography.
The material presented in this book is intended to serve as an introduction and
literature review of composite laminated plates. In chapter one, the introduction was
presented from the points of view of fundamental definitions of fibrous composite
laminates and micromechanical properties of fibers and matrix materials. At the end
of the chapter the objectives of the present work were cited.
Chapter two contains a comprehensive literature review which includes
continuous developments in the theories of laminated plates. Also, a survey of
numerical techniques which could be used in the analysis of laminated plates.
Chapter three contains the conclusion of the present book. In this chapter the
important observations and findings were explained clearly.
The book is suitable as a review on theories of plates, numerical and / or
analytical techniques subjected to bending, buckling and vibration of laminated
Osama Mohammed Elmardi Suleiman
Mechanical Engineering Department,
Faculty of Engineering and Technology,
Nile Valley University, Atbara – Sudan
October 2016Buckling of Composite Laminated Plates.pdf (971.9% u)