HYUNDAI Injection Pump Software


With the PE type (in-line type) injection pump, the number of pump elements (plunger assemblies) must be the same as the number of engine cylinders. However, with the VE type (distributor type) injection pump, plunger has no relationship to the number of engine cylinders, and there is only one plunger. This single plunger reciprocates while rotating, and fuel is injection pipes in accordance with the engine’s firing order.
As well as this, the governor, timer, feed pump, etc. installed on he outside of the PE type injection pump are equipped within VE type injection pump.
In comparison with the PE type, the VE type injection pump has less than the number of component parts, and was developed in order to safety the need for a small, light-weight and high-speed injection pump.
In response to operator requirements, it was possible to design a pump with accelerator “feeling” close to that of gasoline vehicles.
A VE type injection pump for direct injection system engine has recently been developed, and is expected to be adopted in a wide range of field, including construction machinery, medium-sized trucks etc.

INJECTION (5.4% u)