Linear Deflection of Laminated Composite Plates using Dynamic Relaxation Method by: Osama Mohammed Elmardi Suleiman

(osama mohammed elmardi suleiman khayal) #1

Dynamic Relaxation (DR) method is presented for the analysis of
geometrically linear laterally loaded, rectangular laminated
plates. The analysis uses the Mindlin plate theory which accounts
for transverse shear deformations. A computer program has been
compiled. The convergence and accuracy of the DR solutions of
isotropic, orthotropic, and laminated plates for elastic small
deflection response are established by comparison with different
exact and approximate solutions. The present Dynamic Relaxation
(DR) method shows a good agreement with other analytical and
numerical methods used in the verification scheme. It was found
that: The convergence and accuracy of the DR solution were
dependent on several factors which include boundary conditions,
mesh size and type, fictitious densities, damping coefficients, time
increment and applied load. Also, the DR small deflection program
using uniform meshes can be employed in the analysis of different
thicknesses for isotropic, orthotropic or laminated plates under
uniform loads in a fairly good accuracy.
Linear Deflection;
Laminated Composite
Dynamic Relaxation
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