Artificial Lift Intelligence for Production Optimisation

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[LEFT]Artificial Lift Technologies are designed to mitigate risk and expand the operating limits of conventional Lifting Systems. Coupled with an understanding that Intelligent Control is not exclusive to complex and highly instrumental wells, Its application also has the potential to revolutionize production practices in mature and remote fields.
Extending pump run life and attaining production data with Artificial Lift Intelligence have been vastly considered for production optimization. Critical pressure data cannot maximize inflow performance alone. Monitoring pump performance in Real-Time has proven to help reduce the cost of intervention with scheduled maintenance and minimize non productive time.

Selection of an optimal Artificial Lift method requires a very careful consideration of current and future Well-Bore ad reservoir conditions. While there are many possible factors that can affect the selection of an Artificial Lift method, Its instructive to consider the selection criteria in two broad themes. One is the inflow performance of the well, Which depends primarily upon the reservoir characteristics such as Lithology, Drive mechanism and formation fluid properties. The other is the Vertical Lift performance of the well, Which depends upon the completion techniques, Well deviation and location, Intervention requirements, power generation requirements and market conditions. However, its must be understood that these the themes interact very closely with each other to function as an integrated Artificial Lift System. Hence any changes in one area will likely result in a performance change in another area. Thus an integrated analysis is needed in order to select the Optimum Artificial Lift method. A useful concept in the analysis is that of benchmarking different Artificial Lift Systems by using the concept of (KPI). This can be used to compare and contrast the different possible Artificial Lift and minimal deferral of Oil production.


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