Basic stability explanation

(Vulkyn) #1

I found this very interesting link in that explains stability in a simplified way for non engineers like myself !!

Hope this helps !

God bless :slight_smile:

(Bassoom) #2

thanks, i like it
but i don’t think it’s very simplified as you say

Also for good reference i will put a good book for you

(Vulkyn) #3

Well all the the stability explanations i found so far had massive mathematical equations!!! to me this one actually make sense !! lol

Many thanks my friend !!

(Aboyahya87) #4

If - you say - you are not an engineer, may you talk more about yourself to put the suitable level of disscution when replying

(Vulkyn) #5

Indeed i should have done so in the beginning, i am a business administration graduate. I have had an eye for mechanics and repair at a young age. I love working with my hands and feel comfortable repairing pluming and installing electrical equipment.

I work in a printing company as such i have to deal a lot with machinery, however i have very limited experience in wood, fiberglass and boats in general.

I am a very quick learner and a perfectionist so when i start a project i usually do an immense amount of read and studying as i have a passion for understanding and learning.

I have problems with Mathematics (which is why i didnt go to an engineering collage) but aside from that i love technical knowledge.

Hope that explains a bit !!


(Bassoom) #6

Try this book it\s very usefull

(Vulkyn) #7

This is a porn link :frowning: !!!

(Bassoom) #8

how this happen???
any way i changed the link again

(Vulkyn) #9

This happens on forums mate … Thx for the new link :slight_smile:

(Vulkyn) #10

Thats a very comprehensive file !!! thx a lot mate ! very helpful !

(Bassoom) #11

you wilcome