(system) #1

ممكن يا جماعة اى حد يعرف حل البرنامج ده يكتبو دا فى c++

Write a function that, when you call it, displays a message telling how many times it has
been called: “I have been called 3 times”, for instance. Write a main() program that calls
this function at least 10 times. Try implementing this function in two different ways.
First, use a global variable to store the count. Second, use a local static variable. Which
is more appropriate? Why can’t you use a local variable?

(melaraby10) #2

فى مهندس بيشرح لغه C++ فى مركز وسام للتكنولوجيا بس مهندس ممتاز بشرح عملى ونظرى وعنوان المركز فى مدينه 6 اكتوبر امام مدارس جيل 2000 بجوار جامع الحصرى