Cost Control Engineer - Civil Project

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[LEFT]Cost Control Engineer - Civil Project

Outside the company:
Clients, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers, and industry peers, Knowledge Base:
A. Academic Education
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering or equivalent in the field of specialization and/or Member of Professional Organization.
B. Professional Education
n In-depth knowledge of project management, project construction and recognized practices and principals.
n Preferable experience in Oil & Gas Industry construction projects in the Arab world and internationally.
C. Special Knowledge
n Project management level skills, development coherent team to achieve strong presence and recognition within the project members, consultants, subcontractors and client.
n Expand project base with efficiency and professional performance.
n Computer literate and fluency in oral and written English (Arabic is an advantage), Previous Experience:
n Experience of at least 4 - 8 years in civil projects planning and cost control 2 of which as a Cost Control Engineer for major construction projects with experience the Middle East in particular GCC.
n Able to plan and monitor progress, suggest and implement cost control system to the project processes from before execution and right through the construction phase, prepare adequate reports to assist the project management team in all such control activities.
Excellent communication skills; able to perform within a multicultural and multi-task environment; Thorough and meticulous on details, able to work under pressure.
Excellent command of English language (Arabic is a great asset);
Professional Skills:
Decisive, well balanced and processes strong project cost control and financial skills Understand Interpersonal relationships and overall project strategies.
Analyse and resolve situations and obstacles in professional manner
Accountability and self-management.
Personal Characteristics:
n Able to perform and maintain deadlines under pressure
n Loyal, trustworthy, honest and dedicated

Position :-
Cost Control Engineers
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[LEFT]Salary (AED ) :- 6,000 –12,000[/left]


30 Calendar Days Leave
Medical Insurance
Food (on site)
Accommodation (on site)
Transport (on site)
Annual Air Ticket (except for Land Surveyors who get a ticket every two years)


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