Draft survey

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hello every body that is my fisrt subject in that forem really it was amazing but i need help to finsh chapter in my master resaerch about surveying the question is ( the problems which faceed by draft surveyor and how he solve it ) could u do that favor for me and thank u all for ur efforts and i hope to be an active member here thank u

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ممكن توضح اكتر

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ممكن تكون حاجه مرطبطه بال solas

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dear my friends , i will explain what i want you know the surevy callsified into class surevy which depond on the classification socity and also there is other kind called non class survey , one of theses surevyes called draft surevy or cargo surevy which care about the loading and offloading of ships when she is in port and also calculation of it cargo this kind of surevy nor easy as we consider it was so diffcult and there are many things must take in consideration , the person who do that is called marine surevyor so my demand is the problems which that person faced when he take the draft surevy for any type of ship and how he can overcome that problems , if any one of my mates here have books or papers or have an exprinces in that filed dont hetiate to contact me and i will be so gratifull , thank u all and i hope to explain well sorry for not writting arabic but my laptob havnet arabic keys and that is problem for me :frowning:

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mmmmmmmm ok i hope to help u isa

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Thank you all for help