Financial Manager

[LEFT]Financial Manager

Job Field: Accounting
Employment type: Full Time
Job Description: 1. Revise the preparation process of the company’s monthly financial statements(BS-IS-SCF)

  1. Conduct a monthly financial presentation to the top manager’s board, showing in it all the company’s results during the previous month and come-up with any recommendation(s) for the current month.
  2. Provide all business units with timely various analysis reports(turnover, profitability, productivities, cash & assets management….etc)
  3. Check and revise the company’s credit facilities (obtained /offered) with customers, suppliers and banks.
  4. Conduct and manage the Company’s annual stock count.
  5. Provide the company’s auditors with all the data and information needed for the auditing process in order to facilitate their work.
  6. Provide all 3rd parties (tax authority, customs…etc) with any data needed from the company and make sure to pay all the company’s liabilities.
  7. Revise the department training plan.
  8. Manage the company’s monetary assets
  9. Manage, supervise and evaluate the department personnel activities with regards to their direct and indirect assignments.
  10. Manage all tax related issues.
    other tasks :
    1- Secure bank credit facilities.
  11. Perform any feasibility study with regards to any new investment decision.
  12. Check and revise the company’s internal control system.
  13. Represent the company in some social or official events.
    Job Location: cairo, Egypt
    Submission date: 1/16/2008
    Required Candidates
    Experience: Min 7 Max 15 Years
    Gender: MaleEducation: B.Sc. Commerce
    Major: Accounting & Accounting (English Section)
    First language: English Degree : Excellent
    Second language: Arabic Degree : Excellent
    Country of nationality: Egypt City of residence : cairo
    Have a car: Yes Have a driving license: Yes
    Additional requirements: Scientific qualification
  14. Minimum : Bachelor of commerce
  15. Ideal: Bachelor of Commerce and one of the big post graduate certificate(s)(CPA,CMA, CFA, CIMA, MBA……etc)

Practical qualification

  • At least 7 years in a similar position or equivalent field

Management skills
 Personal Skills; Integrity, Faith, Honesty, Decisive, Accuracy, Leadership, Empowerment, Analytical minded, Accountable
 Managerial Skills; Leadership, communication, team work, value creation, delegation, proactive, computer, decision making, trouble shouter, conservative, long-term versioned

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