Good opportnuity

(submarine82) #1

hello my friends my name mohamed hamza marine engineer from cairo working as assistant pusher in schlumberger oilfield in germany
our company seek for marine engineer fresh graduated above 3.2 very good to work as ( rov assistant operator)
about Qualifications:bechelor of marine engineering from areb acedemy ecellent speak ,write and read in english
age not more than 24 year and no Suffering from any Diseases in eyes and 6/6 vision
if any engineer ready to work please send cv to email
[SIZE=2]offnshore[/size] and your cv must consern photo, training experience and all skills if you have .
[SIZE=3]i hope that egypation engineer join in this post to get more experience about rov operation my information about poistion 90 day/year off and basic salary 3000 euro rov operation hour 100 euro/hour place of work germany .

with my pretty wishes to all marine engineers
i miss egypt


(gadfly) #2

I’m from China.
Many people on my Forum are marine engineers.
Do you need chinese to work in your Company?

(المدلهم) #3

one question

only arab academy :frowning:

you don’t want any from us?..common alex engineering

please answer me …i’m so wanna know right now ^^

(Bassoom) #4

شرفتنا يا بشموهندس محمد
و جزاك الله خيرا

(engineman) #5

[LEFT]I want to thank you eng mohammad for your advertence
my name is : Ghaith Ali Alhello
my age is 22
I’m from syria
I’m studying marine engineering in arab academy for science technology and maritime transport
my term graduated is 4 from 4
and my fresh graduated is 3.71 from 4
I’m the first in my class
I can read and write in english very good.
I need about one month to take bechelor of marine engineering from the academy
I worked at sea about 13 month continuously in bulk carrier(20000 ton …dead weight)… and I have sea service certificate from the company In syria
I’m so interesting about your company opportunity…and I like to work in germany
by the way my project about liquified natural gas
I hope you’ll see egypt as soon as you wish
please I’m waiting for your answer…
my email…