How can i get the center of an image

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hi all,
i am here again

please i want to get the center of an image and read it feature

how can i get the center of an image
and how can i read it feature at the center for example

please if any one who did not understand please ask me to put more explanation

thanks in advance

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Hi there
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Bienvenido de nuevo mi amigo

For your question there is a function called regionprops the syntax for it is as following :
STATS = regionprops(L, properties)

You can get the center (measure it) by using “Centriod” , s = regionprops(1, ‘centroid’) the other measurement tools are available using the same command and I would prefer to leave you with the link below so you can get whatever you need/want
Any further questions you are welcome to ask !!!

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