J2EE Course

[CENTER]كل عام و انتم بخير و رمضان كريم
After Ramadan & El-3eed

A J2EE Course will start on Saturday 28/10/2006 in sha2 Allah

The Course is 30 Hours
With 325 LE

Prepares to (( Sun Certified Web Component Developer )) Exam

The Course is scheduled on Saturday & Tuesday
From 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Course Outlines:

  • J2EE application model
  • web application and http basics
  • servlet basics
  • servlet container model
  • using filters
  • session management
  • using jdbc to access database from servlets
  • developing secure web application
  • JSP basics
  • reusable web components
  • creating JSP with the __Expression language
  • using java beans
  • using custom tags
  • developing custom tag libraries
  • J2EE design patterns

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WAN Information Technology
El-Haram, Giza.
Tel: 02 58 42 464
Mob: 010 630 69 89