JAVA-How to Program 6th ed

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JAVA-How to Program 6th ed

This exciting, new revision of Java How to Program is fully up-to-date with the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0! New chapters and/or sections based on the latest release of Java include:

  • [li]Autoboxing [/li]Enumerations
    Enhanced for loops
    Variable length argument lists
    New Formatter class for C-style formatted output
    New Scanner class for simpler keyboard input
    Concurrency APIs
    Updated presentation of multithreading and concurrency
    static import statements

Java How to Program, 6/E takes a new early classes and objects approach to teaching programming. These topics in the past editions of Java How to Program, were introduced in Chapters 8-10. Now, they are introduced in Chapter 3 and are integrated throughout the book in both the examples and exercises from that point forward.

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