MakLab Embedded sysem Diploma

(system) #1

course provides a comprehensive introduction to the Embedded system. This course is intended for beginning users and professional those looking for a review. No prior programming experience or knowledge of c language is assumed, and the course is structured to allow thorough assimilation of ideas through hands-on examples and exercises.
After attending and studying hard this the course you will be able to :
Design and develop in devices “Hardware” and write their own programs “Software” to reach the best model possible performance,Develop the Embedded software needed for any of these systems,Configure an embedded system for a given application,Make an initial selection of the tools needed to complete an embedded system design,Select a suitable processor for a given computational task,Design and develop device drivers for use with custom application specific hardware.
Topics include:
1-Introduction to Embedded Systems
2-C Programming Language
3-Introduction to AVR Microcontrollers
4-Embedded C
5-Embedded system Projects
6-Software Engineering
7-RTOS & Real Time Design
8-Interfacing and Device Drivers
9-Embedded system Tools
10-Testing and Validation
11-Automotive Bus Technology
12-MATLAB & Simulink for Embedded systems
13-Embedded system Applications and Projects
14-Technical Exams & Interviews

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