Mba in egypt خليك مدير من اول مرة

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[COLOR=black][FONT=Arial]MBA in Egypt

The American Academy Egypt offer International accredited MBA

High quality MBA & very low prices

• MBA (Human Resource Management)
• MBA (General Business Management)
• MBA (Finance)
• MBA (Marketing Management)
• MBA (Logistics and Supply

It is accredited From Australian institute of business management which is accredited by government of South Australia.

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The American Academy Egypt in 6 October City is accredited by international institutions in USA, UK & Australia such as:

• Boston academy U.S.A
• Atlanta Institute U.S.A.
• INTEL learn programs U.S.A.
• Pebble University U.S.A.
• Motivational Training Institute U.S.A.
• Institute of Executive Management UK
• Institute of Business management AUSTRALI
• Cambridge Training College Britain.

Please call American academy TEL: 0118668704-0238371018[/font][/color]

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I booked in this course and get 50% discuont