Minimally Invasive Surgery


Minimally Invasive Surgery


Mechatronics plays an important role in medicine, surgery and Biomedical engineering. For example this kind of surgeries so-called (MIS) Minimally invasive surgery
is considered and important Mechatronics application in the medicine.

In this kind of surgery operations carried out with some vision equipment and instruments entered the patient body from a small incision which will reduce the surgical trauma and destroying the natural tissue.

The following figure shows up operations equipments.

We can say that it’s an telesurgery operation similar to a remotely controlled operation for transferring hazard materials.

Minimally Invasive Surgery equipment is an special robot in a Passive gross-positioning manipulator, this does not mean that is the full control of this operation will not be in doctor hands specially when we don’t accept any mistakes, but we can have a safety system activating the mean system when the robots is placed in the right position and ready to do this operation frankly the doctor will do this operation virtually and the robot will execute.

This system is autonomous system, independent from doctor sense so the doctor can’t control it. But there is another strategy was developed which contain a joystick for force control which called force-controlled handle, placed at the end position of the robot and the doctor can control it and moving the robot by a servo mechanism, this movement is limited to avoid accident movements of the cutting edges throw critical position in the patient body and to ensure the operation procedure is done correctly.

In the following figures we notice the control hand

In this method the robot have an restricted manner and high accuracy. The surgical can test his skill and sense when operating to have a correct result because the surgical is responsible to do this procedure not the robot programmer. In next photo we will see a complete surgical operation operated by this way in which the doctor control the movement of the cutting edge inside patient body by acting a certain force to a controlled hand, also in this hand the ability to transfer the haptic sense and there is also a group of high definition cameras transferring a 3D image to the doctor.

The next image show us transferring the haptic sense to doctor’s hand to know the type of skin and if there is a tumor or not.

Now we can summarize this operation to these steps.

First step: pre-operation

Which include the target - small part in patient body - which the robot can move in, we do this by assigning a three dimensional coordinates and transferring a 3D image, do plans and required steps.

Second step: intr-operation

In the intr-operation we allocating the datum for the robot movements and allocating the start point, therefore the robot movement will be referenced to the patient, which will made the robot restricted and preventing any mistakes from the doctor.

Third step: post-operation

Quality testing.

Now we find that is the human body is become the most important component in the mechatronics system, where the human and Mechatronics devices interact in synergistic ways.


Eng Ahmed Eldeep[/left]