Need a book in Computational Mechanics of Materials

[LEFT]Salam Alikom,

I am attending a course containing the following syllabus:

[li]Introduction: Discrete and Continuous Modelling of Materials (Microstructures, Homogenization Techniques and Multi-Scale Approaches).[/li][li]Fundamental Theoretical Concepts (Basic Rheology, Classification of the Phenomenological Material Response, Elements of Continuum Thermodynamics).[/li][li]Fundamental Numerical Concepts (Discretization Techniques for Evolution Systems, Linearization Techniques and Iterative Solution of Nonlinear Systems).[/li][li]Linear and Nonlinear Elasticity (Isotropic Spectral Forms, Anisotropic Models based on Structural Tensors).[/li][li]Damage Mechanics (Isotropic and Anisotropic Models, Stress Update Algorithms).[/li][li]Viscoelasticity (Linear and Nonlinear Models, Stress Update Algorithms and Consistent Linearization).[/li][li]Rate-Independent Plasticity (Theoretical Formulations, Return Mapping Schemes, Incremental Variational Formulations, Consistent Elastic-Plastic Tangent Moduli).[/li][li]Viscoplasticity (Classical Approaches and Overstress Models).[/li][li]Material Stability and Failure Analysis (Nonlocal Modes, Discrete Failure Mechanisms).[/li][/ul]

please read the syllabus of that subject…

do you have any simple e-book that may help me in this subject?