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[/size] [LEFT][SIZE=5]Can I get help in this topic: l
If I want to practically locate the coordinates of a point in space
Is it possible?o
and if it is possible what devices should be used

Thanks in Advance [/size]

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does this point have a specific different color than the environment
if so, you can use image processing with multiple cameras

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[LEFT]No it doesn’t have and I don’t want to use this technique

I need to locate it electronically ( For example: by using sensor, transmitter, receiver, located reference point, … etc )l

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is it an object
is it moving


if so
try magnetometers

please give more details

صحيح, لماذا صرت أكتب بالإنجليزية مثلك؟ هههه

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[LEFT][SIZE=5]Well there are 2 tasks:i
1- get the coordinates(x, y, z) of any point in nature
2 - If 1 is available so I can get the coordinate of several point of an object to get it’s dimensions

something similar to the processing cameras technique, but electronically