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[RIGHT]Salam alykum all

[RIGHT]Am new here am a chemical engineering student. I think its the mostbeautiful major but am getting disappointed because of the marks am getting .Drsare not doing there jobs in a complete way, am working really hard and insteadof getting A am afraid to fail lit really hurts when you stay awake the wholenight and you end up failing in the exam not because I don’t know but becausethe time wasn’t enough ! any way I really hope to find some references forbasics of mass transfer if any one can have am really struggling with it causethe book is difficult the book name is Fundamentals of Mass heat and Momentumfor Welty,wicks… Please if any one has an idea on how to practice more or ifthere any easier books I will be glad I am welling to learn and the skies are mylimits .

[RIGHT]thanks all

[RIGHT]chemical engineer