Performance Management Course By Nexus Academy

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Performance Management Course
By Nexus Academy

Nexus Academy is pleased to announce the start of Performance Management course that covers the basics of creating a performance plan and the appraisal process.

[LEFT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][COLOR=Blue][FONT=Calibri]It will allow its learners to learn how to conduct a performance-planning meeting, document the performance plan and provide positive and constructive feedback


Course Objectives

· Understand the importance of creating a performance management plan and the steps to establish the plan.

· Identify the steps to conduct an effective performance-planning meeting and the process of providing feedback

· Identify the types of coaching and document coaching and feedback efforts.

· Identify and gather material to prepare for an appraisal discussion.

· Identify legal appraisals and responsibilities in relation to laws enforced by the EEOC, risks of legal challenges, and the importance of maintaining positive communication

Course Outline:

Understand the principles and framework of performance management
Position Results Description (PRD) and strategic plan
Structuring the interview for maximum effect
Identifying different levels of staff and how to best manage them
Practice in the core skills of Performance Management
Performance development and improvements

Duration:14 Hours, 2 Days

Start date: 18/02/2012

Place: Cairo, DownTown

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