PLC Course, Control By contactors Course & VSD Course

Hello everybody.
This is my 1st participation , I hope u find it useful

There’s an offer for a PLC course

  • Course contents
    Zelio( 1st level )
    Seimens S7200 ( Advanced Level)
  • Course Duration
    One month / 3 days per week / 3 hrs per day
    Maadi / El-Nasr Road ( ISA )( 20 min from 3abasyaa)
    -Traning kits and PC.s
    There’ll be a traning kit and one PC for each two students
    - Books and Material
    Every student will be given a paper that holds course contents without any extra fees
  • Price
    600 L.E for both levels
    500L.E for the 1st 100 students

** There’s also offers for control by contactors course,variable speed drive programming
** The instructors are well known in this field and highly qualified

For any fruther information don’t hesitate to contact me on