Professional Web 2.0 Programming

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[SIZE=4][CENTER]Professional Web 2.0 Programming

Web 2.0 architecture opens up an incredible number of options for flexible web design, creative reuse, and easier updates. Along with covering the key languages and techniques of Web 2.0, this unique book introduces you to all of the technologies that make up Web 2.0 at a professional level. Throughout the chapters, you’ll find code for several example applications built with popular frameworks that you’ll be able to utilize. [B]


You’ll first explore the technologies that are used to create Web 2.0 applications. This includes an in-depth look at XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, and Ajax. Next, you’ll gain a better understanding of the protocols and formats that enable the exchange of information between web clients and servers. Ultimately, you’ll discover exactly what you need to know about server-side programming in order to implement new ideas and develop your own robust applications.[B]


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