Project Management Certificate Program

(جمانا) #1

Professionals, who manage, lead or participate as team members on
projects including, but not limited to the following industries:

[LEFT] Administration[/left]
[LEFT] Art[/left]
[LEFT] Banking[/left]
[LEFT] Computers[/left]
[LEFT] Construction[/left]
[LEFT] Consulting[/left]
[LEFT] Customer Service[/left]
[LEFT] Education[/left]
[LEFT] Engineering[/left]
[LEFT] Finance[/left]
[LEFT] Government[/left]
[LEFT] Healthcare[/left]
[LEFT] Hospitality[/left]
[LEFT] Human Resources[/left]
[LEFT] Information Technology[/left]
[LEFT] Insurance[/left]
[LEFT] Law Enforcement[/left]
[LEFT] Legal[/left]
[LEFT] Public Relations[/left]
[LEFT] Purchasing[/left]
[LEFT] Quality[/left]
[LEFT] Supply Chain[/left]