Quality Control(QC)

(system) #1

Employer: Al-Qemam for Computers and Systems

Job Type: Full Time

Country: Al-Mansoua, Egypt [FONT=Calibri]


1- Implementation of developed test plans specific for software.

2- Tests software programs to compare specifications & documentations & make sure that it meet customer requirements.

3- Identifies, analyzes, reports and documents defects and problems.

4- Creates test cases and test data.

5- Creates & executes automated test scripts using testing software programs.

6- Reviews & contributes to software program documentation.


7- Assure that designed units are user friendly and flexible.

8- Assures system usability and flexibility.

9- Performs all types of testing ( integration tests, stress tests, process tests& release test)

10- Able to travel(if required).

11-Could contact the client for support.

Required Qualifications:

.B.Sc. in Computer Science or related work experience.

.Excellent command of English language and communication skills.

.Knowledge of modern test methodologies like agile testing is a plus .

.A good knowledge of all the testing types an techniques ( including regression testing, system testing, user acceptance testing)

Experience : 1-2 years experience in software testing

[FONT=Calibri]Gender : male

[/font]Job Contact Email: [COLOR=#0000ff]Rana.Youssry@alqemam.com[/color], [COLOR=#0000ff]alqemam.ksa@alqemam.com[/color]