Quantity Surveyor – Civil

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Quantity Surveyor – Civil
Contacts / Communications:
Within the Company:
n Site supervisory and construction management and different project departments
n Fabricating and welding Supervisors and welders
Outside the company:
Corporate and project QA/QC and UBE Engineers and Inspectors, subcontractors, Consultants and client
Knowledge Base:
A. Academic Education
n B.Sc. in Engineering (preferably of civil discipline) or equivalent qualifications.
n Relevant qualifications and experience in using all types of surveying techniques;
B. Professional Education
n In-depth knowledge of all types of surveying methods frequently used in the construction of Civil works of Oil & Gas Industry projects, as well as a good knowledge of Oil & Gas projects construction mechanism.
n Excellent report writing and communication skills
C. Special Knowledge
n Well versed with all QS computer programs to assist his calculations and must be familiar with ISO standards;
n Fluency in oral and written English (ability to communicate in Arabic is a great advantage);
n Must be computer literate able to work under pressure and within set guidelines and should have excellent report writing abilities.
Previous Experience:
n Experience of at least 4 to 7 years in preparation of BOQ and work estimation of Oil & Gas construction works including pumping stations and refineries and should have worked in the Middle East in particular the Gulf countries.
n Able to read drawings, properly measure quantities, study contractual and tender documentations and prepare invoices, variation orders, control subcontractors invoices and work performed, quality and quantity of material ordered and supplied.
n Skillful at using all computers related programs
n Excellent command of English language (Arabic is an advantage) thorough and meticulous on specification and details.

Position :- Quantity Surveyor

[CENTER]Salary (AED) :- 6,000 – 12,000[/center]




30 Calendar Days Leave
Medical Insurance
Food (on site)
Accommodation (on site)
Transport (on site)
Annual Air Ticket (except for Land Surveyors who get a ticket every two years) [/center]

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