Ready To Design Any Civil Eng. Program

hello every1 …
im new in here … and really i want to thank all members in here forthe significant information u provide …
im still a student major of civil engineering … this is my last year inshalla …
so im programmer profissional …
i can design any program u need for companyies or even students… for good fit prices …
i do new technology of programming … which is for better .,.,.
any order will be chicked very carefully … plz if any1 need any application u can call 00962-0796085661 … and send me ur application steps which u need then all be urs
best regardes

مجانا للاخوة ام ماذا؟

hi … thx for fast reply …
will … im still a student … and this is my job … i would love togive u all free softwares to provide easy work for u all in ur majors ,
but really my 1st interest will be forcompanies and student … as much as i c the members activities … i’ll try to provide free usefull softwares … which i designed it be4 … for example … i hv a software for steel structural design … no need for steel manuals or hand calculations …
i wish u understand the point
and i wish i could be usefull for u all
and we might start vb programming caurses for members with examples for civil engineering
its all depends on the activities i’ll get
thx againe
best regardes

thank u mr hack for ur help and sevices but i wnted to tell u that it is not allowed to advertise in the site without a paid advertisement for the general admin to take a paid area of the site all whatwe are offering here is free of charge so if u could begain lessons for the members to rech to what u have reached to this will be agreat job for us gazak allah khir mrh taniah for ur activity to help ur brothers we want to make science free for all muslims npt for agroup of people tmam my brother a

alsalamo alikm

i must admitted … u r really active here … i like that…
i about this … i havent noticed … so im a pologize to u and to the site …
if its not possible to offer buissnes … u can erase the subject
and lets see the other members thoughts about programming lessons … then we decide

best regardes

sorry my brother i will transfer the topic and i will make another one with the name تعلم عنا البرمجة مع عملاق البرمجة DrHaCk
لكن اى اللغات ستدرس حتى اعلن

thx again brother … will … i see the visual basic 6.0 is very usefull language … but plz dont change anything untill we c other member’s topics on this …to see what they’r really want to learn …
and im thinking about special strategy for the lectures …like some member suggest a topic for example … how to do a software that draw SFD, BMD, Influence lines … etc
then we do it step by step
thats my opinion
and by the way … i canntbe arround all the time … cuz really i hv a lot of work this days … but i come bye as soon as i get a chance
der brothers and sisters
u hv my phone number … u hv my email
and i wish i could help if any1 needs help
best regardes