Rotating joint modeled by solid works

(mazin al iraqi) #1

Dear Sirs
This link is a rotating joint of the door modeled by solid works
I couldn’t upload it in here because its size is too big
I have uploaded it in youtube
Everyone can watch it
it is very simple idea
hopefuly it is good enough


(NewVHD) #2



(mazin al iraqi) #3

Sorry for this confusion
But may be it is not working in you tube just by my account
here are my compressed files

(mazin al iraqi) #4

These are the additional files

(mazin al iraqi) #5

Here are another 5 files

(mazin al iraqi) #6

Here are from 16 to 20

(mazin al iraqi) #7

Here are from 21 to 25

(mazin al iraqi) #8

Here are from 26 to 30
files from 1 to 30 is my work
It is a modeling of joint for the door shows the rotating of this joint

(أبو أنس المصري) #9

الفيديو شغال عندي وتم إدراجه بالموضوع الرئيس.

(أبو أنس المصري) #10

صحيح يا مازن، لماذا لا تكتب باللغة العربية؟ المنتدى هنا هدفه الرئيس خدمة المحتوى العربي في برنامج السوليدووركس وتوصيله للناطقين باللغة العربية.

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I am sorry for that
My keyboard is only in English
I can not write in Arabic

(mazin al iraqi) #12

I am trying to use very simple words , so everybody can understand what I type
I am sorry again for typing in English