Six Sigma Green Belt By Nexus Academy

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Six Sigma Green Belt

By Nexus Academy

Nexus academy is pleased to announce Six Sigma Green Belt, this course will enable participants to fulfill the important role of a Six Sigma Green Belt and to incorporate the Six Sigma mindset into their leadership skills.

What you will learn
You’ll learn how to:
- Select high-impact projects
- Identify and measure critical customer requirements
- Identify and collect non-biased data
- Identify current Process Capability
- Identify current process capability

- Determine high-impact root causes

- Design and test solutions

- Make improvements sustainable

- Determine the difference between Common and Special Cause Variation
Start date: 12/5/2012
Place: Cairo, Egypt
You can get a 10% for early registration!
In case you have three registrants you can get a Free Seat!!

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