Trick to Speed Up Windows 7 Boot Up

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جبتلكم هاد الموضوع عن ويندوز 7 هو منقول بس عجبني وحبية اشاركم فيه ان شاء الله يعجبكم وتعم الفائدة [/size] [SIZE=4]

[/size]Windows 7 users running on dual core, quad  core or any other multi processors can try this effective trick for  decreasing the boot up time for windows and boot windows 7 faster  without installing any third party softwares.Just do this following  procedure.[SIZE=4]

[/size]Open Run dialog box (press windows key + R )
Type MSCONFIG and press enter.
Go to Boot tab
Select the operating system (only for multiboot computers) and click advanced options.
Make sure to check the box for Number of processors, and then select the maximum number count of CPU core processors.
Click Ok and exit configuration window.
Restart computer for above settings to take effect.
This Windows 7 speedup trick works only for systems with multicore processors. Windows OS will now be able to use the full potential of your dual core or quad core systems and make the startup speedier and faster, with less waiting time on black screen and logon screen.


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