Urgent: Job with an excellent package

[LEFT]Urgent: Job with an excellent package!
Alsalamo Alikom,
ITSOFT (CMM Level 5) is the Egyptian subsidiary of ITS, a Gulf based
reputable and huge IT firm. We are in urgent need for talented
software developers. The specific tool you are currently using for
software development / The platform you are developing for does not
matter as we will offer you an extensive paid training anyway. For
more information do not hesitate to call me (Ali) on 0101498870
If you are already well settled in your current job / position, then
please think twice: They can offer you a really excellent package :slight_smile:
Forwarding this email message to whoever you think appropriate is
highly welcomed and appreciated. Thank you very much.

Brief on the Job:
Development responsibilities in Banking Applications
MANDATORY Qualifications:
A minimum of 2 years of experience in software development.
Other qualifications (preferred but not mandatory at all):
Experience in SQL
Has debugging and troubleshooting skills
Banking industry experience

Hurry up and send me your resume at the following email address: