The Information Technology revolution has led
to computers predominating almost every aspect of our
lives from programming videocassette recorders and
microwave ovens, to withdrawing cash from automatic
teller machines, to purchasing rail tickets, and to
performing most aspects of our work.
The role of engineering psychology is distinct from both
psychology and engineering in that it arises from the
intersection of the two domains. Engineering psychology is
distinguished from ergonomics in that “the aim of
engineering psychology is not simply to compare two
possible designs for a piece of equipment but to specify the
capacities and limitations of the human from which the
choice for a better design should be directly deductible”.
In the present study, a comprehensive introduction and
literature review of engineering psychology have been
presented. The study was considered from different
viewpoints which includes general introduction to
engineering psychology; a comprehensive literature review
that deliberates the present subject from the consideration
of the need for a psychology of engineering, differentiation
between engineering psychology, ergonomics, and
importance of engineering psychologists.
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