Atbara Water Current Turbine modified version

(osama mohammed elmardi suleiman khayal) #1

The motivation that led to the writing of the present paper is the necessity to exploit the high velocity energy of River Nile that obtained when River Atbara meets River Nile in Atbara town which is located in River Nile State. At the junction of the two rivers high velocity energy is gained, and therefore, a suitable energy converter is needed to utilize this abundant energy.

This research paper is a continuation of a series of researches executed by the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Atbara to utilize the hydraulic energy of River Nile and try to convert it into a suitable form of energy for the general good of the simple citizens of River Nile and Northern States.

It was found that the efficiency of the energy converter (i.e. water current turbine) increases with the increase of the angle of incidence. It reaches a peak value of approximately 35.7% at 83 degrees, and then it decreases sharply with any further increase in the angle of incidenceAtbara Water Current Turbine.pdf (1001.4% u)