Biomedical Engineer

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Biomedical Engineer
Key Responsibilities
The key responsibilities for this post are:

[li]Full administration for medtecshop website and store.[/li][li]E-marketing.[/li][li]Generate new clients and follow up with them by internet and phone.[/li][li]Building a network of contacts within the region, and provide technical assistance for customers.[/li][li]Demonstrating company products to relevant parties.[/li][li]Learn and maintain a full knowledge of the products to allow demonstration, installation and basic troubleshooting.[/li][li]Provide quarterly forecasts and reporting to the executive manager. [/li][li]Improve efficiency of data capture using company standards and coding system.[/li][li]Researcher in the field of medical equipment.[/li][li]Develop marketing plan and strategies.[/li][li]Direct visits for big players in the market.[/li][/ul]
Key Skills

The key skills for this post are:

[li]Bachelor degree in biomedical engineering[/li][li]Fresh/Recent graduate, with some real experience [/li][li]Proven office package experience. [/li][li]Must be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines. [/li][li]Good attitude, with the ability to work in a small team and learn & develop [/li][li]Good communication skills with attention to detail [/li][li]Good English language; spoken & written [/li][/ul]
Reports to

Executive Manager

Post Type

[li]Full Time[/li][/ul]
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