Core Java(TM) 2

Core Java™ 2, Volume I

Volume I concentrates on the fundamental concepts of the Java language, along with the basics of user-interface programming and provides detailed coverage of

Object-oriented programming
Reflection and proxies
Interfaces and inner classes
The event listener model
Graphical user-interface design with the Swing UI toolkit
Exception handling
Stream input/output and object serialization
Generic programming
For the same real-world treatment of enterprise features and advanced user-interface programming, look for the forthcoming new edition of Core Java™ 2, Volume II—Advanced Features.


Core Java™ 2 Volume II

Picking up where the authors’ first volume on Java left off, Core Java 2, Volume 2 covers the more advanced features of the Java 2 platform that can add polish and power to your Java programs. The authors’ accessible–yet thorough–coverage of essential Java APIs help make this book an attractive choice for any working Java developer.
Topics covered: Java 2 advanced APIs, multithreading and synchronization, Java 2 collections, networking, databases and JDBC 2 (cursors and result sets), RMI and remote objects, Swing user interface classes, printing, tables and trees, JavaBeans, security and deployment, internationalization issues, JNI and native methods. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.