Database concepts

Database concepts

قاعده البيانات هي مجموعات بيانات موحده وذات العلاقه المتبادله فيما بينها والمخزنه بدون زياده غير ضروريه او ضاره لاستخدامها في نظم عديده للمعلومات

[RIGHT]A database is a mechanized, shared, formally defined and centrally controlled of data

What is DBMS?

[RIGHT]DBMS (database management system):

[RIGHT]Collection of programs that manages database structure and controls access of data or it is a software package designed to store and manage databases

Examples of DBMS:

[RIGHT]Ms Access, oracle, sql, db2 etc

[RIGHT]Computer file system was used in early database design which has many problems like:

[RIGHT]*redundancy (duplication of data)

[RIGHT]*wasteful of space (storage)

[RIGHT]*update inefficiencies (when a teacher moves to anew address or changes her name, the teacher’s record must be changed each place it is stored )

[RIGHT]*data inconsistency (different addresses for the same teacher in different files)

Database applications:

[RIGHT] E-commerce: inventory of books, cds etc at Amazon, B&N etc*

[RIGHT]*Banks, airlines


[RIGHT]*GIS (maps)

[RIGHT]*Www (World Wide Web)

[RIGHT]*Digital libraries

Types of databases:

[RIGHT]1-single user

[RIGHT] - supports only one user at a time


[RIGHT] -Single-user database running on a personal computer


[RIGHT] -supports multiple users at the same time


[RIGHT] -multi-user database that supports a small group of users or a single department


[RIGHT] -multi-user database that supports a large group of users or an entire organization

[RIGHT] To be continued…

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