Does any one need IEEE papers?

anyone need papers from IEEE send me the tite of it and i will send to u at ur e-mail so:
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2- the paper tite
IEEE papers

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ممكن تبعتلي اي papers عن
petri nets applications
Discrete - event systems

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I’m looking for (Antennas and Propagation Magazine, IEEE
Volume 49, Issue 4, Aug. 2007

if u have this issue i’ll be very happy
thanks alot

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i am looking for Ad hoc networks protocols

i am looking for Ad hoc networks protocols


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paper titile
H. Akagi, Y. Kanazawa, and A. Nabae,
Instantaneous reactive power
compensators comprising switching devices without energy storage
[FONT=Times-Italic][SIZE=1]IEEE Trans. Ind. Appl.[/size][/font], vol. IA-20, no. 3, pp. 625630,
Mar. 1984.
LC compensator design

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I’m looking for

[LEFT]D. A. Torrey, “Switched reluctance generators and their control”, IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron., vol. 49, no. 1, pp. 3-14, Feb. 2002.


C. Mademlis and I. Kioskeridis, “Optimizing performance in current controlled
switched reluctance generators”, IEEE Trans. Energy Convers., vol. 20, pp. 556-565, Sept. 2005


I. Kioskeridis and C. Mademlis, “Optimal efficiency control of switched reluctance regenerators”, IEEE Trans. Power Electron., vol. 21, pp. 1062-1072, July 2006


D. A. Torrey, “Variable-reluctance generators in windenergy
systems,” Proc. of the IEEE Power Electronics
Specialists Conf., pp. 561-567, 1993.


لو سمحتى انا عايز عن unified networks or unified powersystem

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اريد white papers for MAC layer in WiMAX

please send to me ieee articales

please could send me ieee articles about "GENERATOR PROTECTION"i need it as soon as possible my e-mail is : SAIDHOUTA YAHOO.FR



A Study on Critical Success Factors in ERP Systems Implementation
Jing, Ranzhe; Qiu, Xun;
Service Systems and Service Management, 2007 International Conference on
9-11 June 2007 Page(s):1 - 6
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/ICSSSM.2007.4280192


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please i want any IEEE paper about ‘‘Smart Antenna Systems’’ especially on ‘‘Buttler Matrix Design’’ if u have any send it on ‘‘sarmadalani’’ on hotmail

I need these articles please<in>metadata&pos=0

thank u

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محتاج كم ورقة لمشروع التخرج
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New approach to calculation of electric field in three-core powercables

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ممكن كارميلا تبعتلي أي موضوع عن كهربة القطارات dc لانه الموضوع هاد ما لقيت شي غير في IEEE
specially title:DC railway electrification and protection
voltage regulation and
voltage drop on dc railway
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R. Hoctor and H. Tomlinson, “Delay-hopped transmitted-reference RF communications,” in Proc. IEEE Conf. Ultra Wideband Syst. Technol., May 2002, pp. 265–269.

W. Gifford and M. Win, “On transmitted-reference UWB communications,” in Proc. Asilomar Conf. Signals, Syst. Comput., Nov. 2004, pp. 1526–1531.

X. Dong, A. C. Y. Lee, and L. Xiao, “A new UWB dual pulse transmission and detection technique,” in Proc. IEEE ICC, May 2005, pp. 2835–2839.

لو سمحت ابغى هذه لابحاث