Electronic R.Concrete workbook

Electronic R.Concrete workbook

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Areas of Reinforcement
Spacing of Longitudinal Bars
Minimum and Maximum Reinforcement
Ultimate Anchorage and Laps
Minimum radius of bends
Bends and Hooks
Anchorage bond stress design
Links in Beams
Columns Beams Slabs Walls

This spreadsheet is intended for use by reinforced concrete detailers and designers. It provides the user with the means to rapidly determine answers to the many questions that reinforced concrete design and detailing raise. This spreadsheet could be looked on as an electronic book with an index followed by pages containing many individual calculators. Each calculator has a specific task to perform. The Reinforced Concrete Workbook also acts as an aide memoir, reminding the user of the various requirements to be observed.
The concept of the workbook is that each table remains independent of the others. No calculations are linked to other tables. This increases the amount of input but should speed usage as the user does not have to search for input cells outside of the table they are using.

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