Help needed in designing a wooden 7 meter boat

Salmo Alikom

Sorry for typing in English but my Arabic typing skills is very poor!!!

I was very pleased to find this forum as i am currently designing a wooden fishing boat and i wanted to design it properly on a CAD or a professional boat design software

Unfortunately i am not an engineer nor am i experienced in CAD software which is why i am looking for some to help me design the boat.

Please email me on internal forms should there be any one who is willing to help (both professionally or other wise) please feel free to email me and i will provide you with more details.

P.S i live in Egypt

Thanks for all your help and for a wonderful portal of information !

regards :slight_smile:

Please email me on forums or :slight_smile: !!

If no one is able to help can any one refer me to some one who can help me with this project ? ??

what do you have exactly ?
do you have for example main dimensions & you want to get the boat lines?

My friend, i’m willing to help you as much as i can, but i prefer to keep our conversation public, so it will be useful to every body.

May be we can use free ship program or Auto hydro.

Many thanks for your kind reply!! i dont mind at all sharing everything but i wanted to avoid confusion !!

Basically there is a boat i took a ride in, the design is very good but i believe the boat has a high center of gravity and might not be comfortable in high seas due to rolling effect.

However the design is extremely light, fast and the water line is rather low so it can be deployed in shallow water.

Now since i love doing projects land designing them, i wanted to design and build the boat using a more sophisticated approach even if its a small 7 meter boat, the least will be tons of experience gained in the process.

now i have pictures and dimensions but i am not sure whats the next step :slight_smile:

many thx my friend and god bless !

What is the dimensions ?
what is the building material ?
this will be driven by an overboard engine ?

the more the center of gravity rises the more the stability decreases & the
roll period becomes longer, so the center of gravity need to be adjusted not too high & not too low
is it possible to try to upload some photos ?
try here

6.8 meters total length
5.5 water line
2.2 width
2 width water line

Wood / fiber composite.

outboard engine 30 or 40 HP depends on prices

cant seem to upload the files :S in all cases im very flexible with the hull design but what i need is to get it on a program so i can tweak and add on the deisgn.

thx for your help my friend :slight_smile:

I can give a hand…may I

Of course !!! i made a very rough design on Free ship …

feel free to email me or reply to thread !!

many thx !!

[LEFT]Dear All

Please, find attached a step on designing a Fishing Boat for your
appreciated comment & Feedback



Fantastic mate !! thats the direction i was heading too !!

Now the question is if we tweak the design what will the advantages be? for example if we make the bow more streamlined and extending it will that enhance speed and make it more stable in breaking the waves?

many thx my friend !! and God bless !

[LEFT]My dear friend,
I prefer to use drawings to declear your view point, no need for professional drawings only sketch your point on a paper then attach it.



Find attached modle I & II Profil and thier estimated Speed/Power curves, as you expect the tweaked & bow streamlined boat (Modle II ) may need less power
I hope that is what you are heading to

Abohamza [/left]

This amazing !! thats exactly my direction !! many many thanks !!! My idea was before building the ship i wanted to cover as many technical design parameters as possible.

Indeed the major point for me is the tweaking, there are so many hull designs some are better in areas than others, as such choosing the right hull and tweaking it is the key factor, exactly like you did for one parameter which is the power for speed…

Basically i want to cover the following points (from my limited experience) in order to find my optimum hull design:
1- Optimizing hull efficiency by tweaking / adjusting hull curvature and design
2- Optimize ship handling to make it as comfortable as possible, for example extend keel to decrease rolling effect
3- Ensure that the structure i design is rigid and sea worthy not weak or has fault points.

I am sorry if im confusing you :S but this is my first time and im trying to cover a whole lot of issues!! i know some of them are minor and will not effect a small boat in a large degree but im so interested in learning im handling this small boat like an oil tanker !!!

Now what i need to do is send u the current design i wanted to work with (if im not troubling u that is) and to try and figure out the above parameters as the hull i like is called a Shoteyaa and is a rather interesting hull design. I took a ride in it and it has some great characteristics (mainly its very light, and has very little submerged area and can be deployed in shallow water, however the ship is slightly unstable and may be not comfortable in medium high water.) which is why im trying to tweak the design to improve it a bit. The design was made by traditional methods (ship yard father to soon ideology) not from an engineer perspective. If i can take that idea put it in a ship CAD software and do exactly what you did but with more parameters i can tweak the hull design and get a better handling ship !! !!!

Again thank you sooooooo much and please if i am taking too much of ur time or anything please tell i dont want to be a burden and you have been a great help so far !!!

God bless you and many thanks

P.S sorry for the late reply im currently traveling !!


Of course you are not taking too much time , I am so happy to talk about naval design especially when putting a target to approach
In fact I thought that I am talking with a non professional person, but now ; after reading your reply I get sure that you have the ability to design an optimum boat as using the marine terminology that way could not be done by an ordinary designer -like me - .So I am waiting for the drawings to learn more from you and thank you indeed for your time


I have attached 2 pictures of the boat i am re-designing !! I like the tradiotional look, with some color and paint it will look very funky !! (ISA) hope that helps !!! :smiley: !!

well, yes it helps.
it gives more clear idea bout what you mean.

It helps too much…by the way; where did you take the attached photos?!!

What do you mean it helps too much ? lol !! you got me worried !

In Alexandria :slight_smile:

I mean that the attached photos help too much to understand your view point and save time