How to Order Steel Pipes

For ordering pipes, the following information is required to describe the desired material adequately:

[li]ASTM Specificationdesignation : A 53, A106, …etc.[/li][li]Quantity ( metres or number of lengths)[/li][li]Grade A, B. ( According to the chemical requirements, e.g. C and Mn 0.3% and 1.2% for Grade B)[/li][li]TypeF (furnace-butt welded, continuous welded), E[COLOR=black][COLOR=windowtext]FONT=Arial, [/font]SFONT=Arial. [/font]( According to the tensile requirements)[/li][li]Finish (black or galvanized)[/li][li]Size [/ol] [ol][LIST=1][/li][li]See Table X2.2 (Dimensions, Weights, and Test Pressures for Plain End Pipe)[/li][li]See Table X2.3 (Dimensions, Weights, and Test Pressures for Threaded and Coupled Pipe)[/ol][/LIST] [ol][/li][li]Length (unless otherwise specified, the regular practice for pipes lighter than extra strong shall be single-random lengths of 4.88 to 6.71 m) [/li][li]End finish (plain end or threaded)[/ol] Sabry An-Naggar[/li] Engineering Services Manager, Engineering Department
Kharafi National