How to setup 8051 program?

How to setup 8051 program?
1- open folder (8051 Franklin)
2- double click on (SETUP.exe)
3- click next, then yes
4- write any name & company such as (shoubra)
5- write the serial number (8AS51-05861K80)
6- click yes, next
7- appear window with name (select component to install), select (dos tools)
8- click next, yes…………then finish

How to use 8086 program?
1- Put the folder (BORLANDC) in any drive such as {E}drive
2- the folder (BORLANDC) doesn’t require setup
3- write the program in (notepad) or (text document)
4- save it as (name.asm) in (E:\BORLANDC\bin) location
5- open start menu, programs, accessories, command prompt
You will find c :>
Write E: enter _cd borlandc\bin; then enter
Write tasm name.asm; then enter
Write; tlink name.obj then enters
Appear E:\ borlandc \bin
Write name, then enter

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