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i need a research contain 25 or 30 pages about the electrochemical manufacture of potassium Ferricyanide**

i try alot but i didn’t found much information >> please help my please i need it

but there still missing information

please see this

A report of approximately 25-30 pages including the following contents (Sample topics listed below):

  1.    Abstract: (10-15 lines single spaced)
  2.    Introduction: (2-3 pages)
  3.    Literature Review: (2-3 pages current literature)
  4.    Process Description :( 2-3 pages)
  5.    Design of the electrolyzer/equipment: (5-8 pages)
  6.    Size and number of cells , anode and cathode size, power requirement: (2-3 pages)
  7.    Economics of the Process: (3-5 pages)
  8.    Conclusion: (15-20 lines)

please help me …

i nead it on 2 or 3 days please[/center]