IJERAT Validation of Finite Element Method in the Analysis of Biaxial Buckling of Thin Laminated Plates

(osama mohammed elmardi suleiman khayal) #1

Finite element (FE) method is presented for the analysis of thin rectangular laminated composite plates under the
biaxial action of in – plane compressive loading. The analysis uses the classical laminated plate theory (CLPT) which
does not account for shear deformations. In this theory it is assumed that the laminate is in a state of plane stress, the
individual lamina is linearly elastic, and there is perfect bonding between layers. The classical laminated plate theory
(CLPT), which is an extension of the classical plate theory (CPT) assumes that normal to the mid – surface before
deformation remains straight and normal to the mid – surface after deformation. Therefore, this theory is only
adequate for buckling analysis of thin laminates. A Fortran program has been compiled. The convergence and
accuracy of the FE solutions for biaxial buckling of thin laminated rectangular plates are established by comparison
with various theoretical and experimental solutions. The good agreement of comparisons demonstrates the reliability
of finite element methods usedValidation of Finite Element Method in the Analysis of Buckling of Thin Laminated Plates.pdf (1.1% u)

(عمارة إسلامية) #2

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